TBN Europe Tuning Details

Downlink freq: 12.303 Mhz

Pol: Vertical

Symbol Rate: 27.500 Msymbol

FEC: 3/4

Modulation: 8PSK

Band: KU

Transmission: DVB-S2

Having trouble receiving TBN Europe’s signal? Please try:

  1. A new automatic re-scan, so the receiver can look into the new frequency and find the services in the new transponder.
  2. Determine if the receiver is DVB-S2 ready. This can be done by a simple search in the Internet, by targeting the exact brand and model of the machine. If it is not DVB-S2 ready, we recommend a new one.
  3. Determine the local oscillator value of the LNB in the antenna being used. As the frequency is in high band, the value can be one of the following (or very similar): 10.600, 10.750, 11.000, 11.300. This value should be correctly set at the correspondent parameter in the menu of the “antenna installation” (or similar) in the receiver.